Schumon is a tutoring portal designed to connect eligible tutors with students in need of help in their courses. All of our tutors have successfully completed their courses they will be tutoring with a grade of an A or higher. Please contact them via Facebook. Price may vary – contact the tutors directly or Sereena Kang for more information.


Name: Zarin Tasnim

Courses: ECON 1530, ACTG 2011, OMIS 2010, ECON 1000 and ECON 1010

About me: I am a third year BBA specializing in operations management. I love cooking and travelling. I have travelled most parts of South Asia.


Name: Gary Yu

Courses: ACTG 2010, ACTG 2011 and MGMT 1050

About me: Hi! I am a second year student in the BBA stream. Coming into Schulich, I always try to find new ways to help. I know the importance of academic success, and with previous tutoring experience, I believe that I can help you out! I love to ski and explore playing new instruments.


Name: Daniel Levinsky

Courses: ACTG 2010, ACTG 2011, ECON 1000, MGMT 1050 and ECON 1010

About me: Hey everyone! I’m a 2020 BBA student. I’m a huge fan of table tennis. I also plan on getting my pilot license in the future.


Name: Aditi Shah

Courses: MGMT 1040, MGMT 1050, ACTG 2011, ECON 1010, ECON 1000 and MGMT 1000.

About me: Hi, I’m Aditi, and I am a second year BBA student. I love travelling and I also adopted a baby giraffe in Kenya!


Name: Jocelyn Grabke

Courses: MGMT 1050, INTL 1200, INTL 1210, ACTG 2010, MGMT 2050, ACTG 2011, ACTG 2020

About me: Hey my name’s Jocelyn, I’m a 2019 IBBA candidate who absolutely loves to teach. I’ve been a tutor for over 6 years now and was the York SOS tutor for MGMT 1050 and PSYC 1010 last year. In my free time I’ll either be doing Muay Thai or gaming.


Name: Shristi Dubey

Courses: ECON 1000, ECON 1010, and MGMT 1050

About me: I am a second year BBA student. I love to dance and can do various forms of dancing (hip hop, classical, bhangara, and Bollywood). I also love to read sci-fi books.


Name: Noelle Chin

Courses: MGMT 1000, ECON 1530, MKTG 1030, ACTG 2010, ACTG 2011, and MGMT 1050

Fun Facts: I was born on Christmas Eve and my first and middle name mean Christmas Eve in French. Puedo hablar in poco de espanol (I can speak a bit of Spanish).


Name: Ricki Pandya

Courses: ACTG 2020, OMIS 2010, and MGMT 2050

About me: Hey! My name is Ricki Pandya and I am a 3rd year BBA student specializing in Finance and OMIS. If you ever catch a girl taking a nap on the TTC, its probably me. If you ever walk by a girl scrolling through Taco Bell’s menu during class, that’s probably me too. I love naps and Taco Bell equally. But, I also like helping others out with school work. So, if you have any questions, just ask!


Name: Rahmuz Butt

Courses: ACTG 2010, ACTG 2011, MKTG 1030 , ECON 1000 and ECON 1010

About me: Hi! My name is Rahmuz Butt. I am a second year BBA student who will be specializing (hopefully) in Strategic Management. I love watching movies, in fact, I watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi and Hong Kong cinema. I am also an IMMENSE foodie, my friends know that food and I are inseparable.


Name: Tamir Eshel

Courses: ACTG 2010, MGMT 1050, ACTG 2011

Fun Facts: I have a cool coin collection that my grandmother started. I have also tried probably at least 75% of all the pizza places in Toronto.


Name: Karen Randhawa

Courses: FINE 2000, ACTG 2010, ACTG 2011, ACTG 2020 and MGMT 1050

Interesting Facts: I have a black belt in Karate. I also like learning random languages like French, Spanish, ASL, and I’m looking for a new one.


Name: Danial Khan

Courses: OMIS 2010, ECON 1530, MGMT 2050, FINE 2000

About me: Hey everyone! My name is Danial Khan and I am a 3rd year student specializing in OMIS. Something cool about me is the last time I had any form of pop or last time I had coffee, tea, etc. was over three years ago, didn’t even have a sip of it. I also love to play every sport. I have a passion for helping people, so if you need any help, feel free to ask me.


Name: Mortoza Chowdhury

Courses: ECON 1000, ECON 1010, FINE 2000, ACTG 2020

About me: My name is Mortoza and I am a third-year BBA student in specializing in Finance. Two interesting things about me is that I am extremely passionate about food and I love trying food that I haven’t had before. Apart from that I like learning things outside of what is being taught in class, for example currently I am learning how to program using R.