Schumon is a tutoring portal designed to connect eligible tutors with students in need of help in their courses. All of our tutors have successfully completed their courses they will be tutoring with a grade of an A or higher.

Dominique Borden

Year: 2nd Year (2019)
Courses you will be tutoring: INTL 1200, MGMT 1050, ACTG 2010
Small bio: Feel free to call me Dom. I am a creative and candid second year student here to help. Ready to share first year survival tips and ibba wisdom.
Favourite hobby: Travelling

David Chen

Year: 2017
Courses you will be tutoring: ACTG 2010
Small bio: I’m a fourth year BBA specializing in ACTG and MKTG. I’m actively involved as I’ve been a frosh leader all my years here and currently sit as the VP of Corporate Relations on Schulich Accounting Society. My favourite moment at Schulich was competing in JDCC accounting with a great group of Schuligans. I’ve tutored and mentored before so I’m excited to be helping you guys out.
Favourite hobby: Basketball, sometimes dance

Sufyaan Dayani

Year: 2
Courses you will be tutoring: INTL 1200, INTL 1210, INTL 1300
Small bio: Hello, I’ve been tutoring for over 4 years now, and thus will bring some experience to the table to deliver the best learning experience to you!
Favourite hobby: Playing video games and pretty much challenging myself everyday.

Piranavan Easwaramoorthy

Year: 2019
Courses you will be tutoring: ECON 1000, ECON 1530, MGMT 1050
Small bio: I’m a 2nd year BBA student that’s interested in Finance, Economics and looks forward to helping 2020s thrive at Schulich.
Favourite hobby: Eating lots of food, playing basketball and tennis

Jocelyn Grabke

Year: 2019
Courses you will be tutoring: MGMT 1050, ACTG 2010, INTL 1200, INTL 1210
Small bio: Hey guys! I’m a second year and have been a tutor for over 5 years because I enjoy helping students. A bit about me is that I love food, stories, and small animals.
Favourite hobby: Muay Thai

Hilary Gu

Year: 3rd year BBA, 2018
Courses you will be tutoring: MGMT 2050, OMIS 2010, MGMT 1050, MGMT 1040, ECON 1000/10
Small bio: Hi there! As someone who is friendly and enthusiastic about teaching, I put forward passion and dedication in everything that I do. Any questions about statistics, economics, or about life in general? Just reach out to me if you need help and I’m there for you! 🙂
Favourite hobby: Zumba/yoga, watching way too much Netflix.

Tazlin Jahan

Year: 2018
Courses: FINE 2000
Small bio: I’m a third year BBA student specializing in accounting and plan on getting my CPA. I am a finance director in YorkSOS, and love the idea of helping students to their fullest potential. A few facts about me is that I am a netfix enthusiast, love chocolate and playing frisbee. I look forward to working with some of you!
Favourite hobbies/interest: All things beauty, nutrition and rock climbing.

Hammad Motiwala

Year: 2019 (2nd year)
Courses you will be tutoring: INTL 1200, INTL 1210, ACTG 2010
Small Bio: I’d say I’m quite a friendly guy whose always there to help if you need someone to talk to, especially if you’re looking for some nice intellectual conversations.
Favourite Hobby: Hobbies include reading, gym, having a nice time with friends

Yash Patel

Year: 4th year BBA
Courses tutoring: FINE 2000/3100/3200, ECON 1000/1010/3430, ACTG 2010
Small Bio: Specializing in finance and economics, passionate about all things business and have a fairly open schedule this fall. I was a tutor for FINE 2000 with YorkSOS last year and am currently the Portfolio Manager for the University’s student-run investment fund.
Favourite Hobby: Volleyball

Gurjot Randhawa

Year: 2018
Courses: ECON 1000 and ECON 1010
Small Bio: My name is Gurjot, and I’m a third year student. I have tutored in the past and am very excited to help out my fellow peers to thrive whether it be academically or in any other aspect!
Favourite Hobby: Basketball

Ryan Ruderman

Year: 2018 BBA
Courses: MGMT 1050, MGMT 2050, ACTG 2010, ACTG 2011, ACTG 2020, FINE 2000, ECON 1000, ECON 1010, ECON, 2000, OMIS 2010
Small bio: I’m a third year student specializing in finance and economics. This is my second year tutoring with Schumon. I really enjoy helping out my fellow students and my schedule is flexible.
Fun Facts: I just got a dog and I interned at RBC this past summer.
Favourite Hobby: Chess

Zarif Saabab

Year: 2nd Year, 2019
Courses you will be tutoring: MGMT 1050, ECON 1000, ECON 1010
Small bio: Hi! I’m a second year student ready to help out on all statistics and economics needs. I’m living on residence so I have a pretty flexible schedule to tutor.
Favourite hobby: Listening to music and watching movies/TV shows (huge fan of Game of Thrones, Narcos, and House of Cards)

Dayun Shon

Year: 2018 BBA
Courses you will be tutoring: MGMT 2050, OMIS 2010
Small bio: Hi 🙂 I am a third year student specializing in OMIS and MKTG. I have been tutoring for about four years, and love helping people out in general. Feel free to contact me for any questions about school, and I’ll do what I can to help out!
Favourite Hobby: Music, binge watching Tv shows, food

Sasa Stosic

Year: 2018
Courses: FINE 2000, ECON 1000, ECON 1010, OMIS 2010
Small bio: my name is Sasa and I am a third year student. I am a finance and Econ major at Schulich and the Junior Co-President of YFC.
Favorite hobby: basketball

Artem Sushko

Year: 3rd year iBBA
Courses you will be tutoring: INTL 1200, INTL 1210 ACTG 2010 FINE 2000
Small Bio: I’m an easy going guy but serious when needed. I’m rather abnormal in my interests because they are so vast but I’m sure there is common ground. My life is busy but my schedule flexible, can always work something out.
Hobby: Health/ Fitness

Kamran Zafar
Year: 2019
Courses you will be tutoring: MGMT 1050, ECON 1000/1010/1530/1540
Small bio: Hey guys, i am a second year student at Schulich, Just something about myself is that Im a music fan and playing drums is a major component of my life. Apart from that, I love almost all kinds of Tv Shows, i.e. suits, blacklist, narcos, 24, etc…
Favourite hobby: Love playing percussion, but also piano/flute on the side.

Ilan Kogan

Year: 2017
Courses you will be tutoring: OMIS 2010, MGMT 1050/OMIS 2050, FINE 2000, FINE 3100, FINE4150, FINE3200, ACTG 2010, OMIS 3670, OMIS 4000
Small bio: Greetings! I am a fourth-year student at the Schulich School of Business in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. I value holistic learning and am always looking for opportunities to explore new ideas and new algorithms. Since you can’t manage what you can’t measure, the innovations at the intersection of data and strategy are what excite me.
Favourite hobby: Baking