Who We Are

Who We Are

The Undergraduate Business Society (or UBS, for short) is the Schulich student government and acts as the voice for the undergraduate student community. The UBS provides a variety of services for students to maximize their Schulich experience. This includes overseeing Schulich’s student clubs, hosting Frosh Week, and inviting students to a range of social events that allow you to mix business with pleasure. UBS Newsletters are sent weekly to the undergraduate body, to be featured in the newsletter, please shoot an email to techubs@schulich.yorku.ca

UBS takes a picture with the Dean (Dezsö J. Horváth). Missing: Antoinette Muraca

President, Carolina Pimentel-Lucas

I believe my past involvement demonstrates dedication for Schulich and I am determined to further that commitment by supporting the school community I am a part of. As the Undergraduate Student Body President, I will be responsible for representing each student while ensuring that we, as the Undergraduate Business Society, strive to promote inclusivity, diversity, and transparency within the Schulich community. My team and I this year will be working hard to create a new environment that is open to all students. Contact me: presidentubs@schulich.yorku.ca

Vice President of Operations, Antoinette Muraca

As I prepare to begin my 4th year at Schulich, I am excited to continue my engagement in the school community and make an impact on the student experience. My goal as Vice President of Operations is to make sure Schulich students feel more engaged with the Schulich and York community in addition to giving them ample opportunity to develop and grow as an individual. Contact me: operationsubs@schulich.yorku.ca

Vice President of Finance, Luigi Giuliano

Improving transparency and accountability with UBS finances and ensuring an equitable distribution of the student levy. The finance committee will also be preparing the necessary financial statements for the semi-annual and annual report. Contact me: financeubs@schulich.yorku.ca

Vice President of Student Life, Kiril Fadeeff

As the VP of Student Life I hope to provide my peers and classmates the opportunity to relax, mingle, and network outside of the classroom. By organizing various social events I hope to bring everyone closer together and develop deeper connections. Contact me: studentlifeubs@schulich.yorku.ca

Vice President of Corporate Relations, Veno Suthesan

Building, and maintaining good relations with corporate sponsors throughout the duration of the summer and academic year. Contact me: corporateubs@schulich.yorku.ca

Vice President of External Communications, Daniel Park

Contacting external schools and letting Schulich students know about numerous case competitions that happen outside of Schulich, planning an alumni conference, i.e. ERAS. Contact me: externalubs@schulich.yorku.ca

Vice President of Internal Communications, Sereena Kang

Responsible for enhancing the Schulich experience through club engagement, Schulich Textbook Exchange, mental health initiatives and Schumon tutors. Contact me: internalubs@schulich.yorku.ca

Vice President of BBA Academics, Jaskaran Gill

Organizing Schulich case competitions such as Rise and Spark, spearheading a new mentorship program, sitting on several academic committees, and providing students with academic related resources during the year. Contact me: bbaacademicubs@schulich.yorku.ca

Vice President of iBBA Academics, Lusine Khach

At halfway through my undergrad, I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I was given these last two years. This coupled with my passion for being involved within the school community is the reason why I am so excited for this coming year. I am hoping that as one of the VPs of Academics I can provide value to students in a supportive and uplifting way. I know case competitions and conferences tend to be a vital yet stressful aspect of academic life, so my goal is to ensure every student feels equipped and confident when participating at all of our incredible events! Contact me: ibbaacademicubs@schulich.yorku.ca

Vice President of Athletics, Thiviya Varatheswaran

Organizing Schulich tournaments and events such as Schuolympics, partnering with MLSE to ensure students are given the opportunity to volunteer for Raptor and Leafs games, continuing the gym buddies program, managing Schulich intramural teams and providing students with yoga/Zumba sessions. Contact me: athleticsubs@schulich.yorku.ca

Vice President of Information Technology, Connie Quach

My responsibilities include releasing routine newsletters, revamping the school website, ordering school business cards, photography of UBS events, videography of UBS projects, and any new initiatives. Contact me: techubs@schulich.yorku.ca

Second Year BBA Representative, Marco Perri

HELLO THERE, Marco here. Some responsibilities of mine are: planning “Options in Business”, arranging MSDA & NETA workshops, but most importantly, being the voice of the second year students, we out here repping. Contact me: secondyearbbaubs@schulich.yorku.ca

Second Year iBBA Representative, Haseeb Afridi

Easing the transition to 1st and 2nd year by creating a handbook, providing resources and opportunities for success and personal growth, organizing the Options in Business Conference and various workshops. Contact me: secondyearibbaubs@schulich.yorku.ca

International Representative, Shenning Wang

Easing the transition for international students by planning various social events and workshops, as well as implementing programs to better aid students in getting involved with all aspects of Schulich. Contact me: internationalubs@schulich.yorku.ca